💰 Dollar Cost Average

The Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA) Smart Contract is here to help you organise your investing strategy and also save you time. The DCA is taking the hassle and complexity of re-investing away, and it is AUTOMATICALLY swapping your EGLD into various ESDT tokens.

The term is inspired by the term DCA (dollar cost averaging). DCA is an investment strategy in which an investor divides up the total amount to be invested across periodic purchases of a target asset, in an effort to reduce the impact of volatility on the overall purchase. DCA is an essential part of investing, in order minimise short term losses and maximise long term gains.

Dollar Cost Averaging, works on the same principle. It invests a total amount of EGLD, at regular intervals, on ESDT assets. However, there are certain challenges in doing so, such as lack of time and busy every day life. QuantumX has developed the DCA dApp, in order simplify the process and help investors reinvest their EGLD rewards in the most efficient possible way.

Fee model of DCA

The General fee is 2.5% SFT Stakers fee model

Rose-Gold : 2% Silver : 1.5% Gold : 1%


The suggested portfolio is by no means a financial advice and the users should not construe any such information financial, or other advice. Nothing contained on the portfolio constitutes recommendation, to buy or sell any tokens.

The user alone is responsible of evaluating the risks associated with the use of Dollar Cost Average dApp, before making any decisions. QuantumX holds no liability for the financial decisions of the users.

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