Eldar Badges - SFT collection

Eldar's SFT collection is a big step for the project. We have created Eldar Badges (SFT collection), with perks for every owner.

SFT Marketplaces (Buy / Sell Eldar's SFTs)

Frame It: https://www.frameit.gg/marketplace/ELBADGES-2efe5c/sale

SFT Rarities

There are 3 SFT categories:

- Marble Gold: 69 SFTs

- Marble Silver: 279 SFTs

- Rose Gold: 420 SFTs

Total → 768 SFTs

After our Burn Model

Final Circulating Supply 507

SFTs Staking

Every SFT owner will have access to the exclusive perks stated in "Perks for SFT Owners" section. Here are the key details of the Staking Smart Contract:

While the rarities of badges in our dApp do not affect the rewards earned, it's worth noting that the rarer the badge, the better the fee discounts users can enjoy

  • All rewards will be payable fortnightly.

  • The rewards will be directly linked to the amount of Staked SFTs, thus will be shared proportionately. The more SFTs owned and staked, the bigger the rewards.

  • All rewards will be payable in MEX tokens.

  • If for any reason an owner wants to unstake an SFT, they will have to unstake the total amount of the SFTs they hold, without having the option to choose which SFT to unstake.

  • The SFTs will be available 10 days, after the unstake took place. After the 10 days period, the owners will be able to claim the SFTs back to their wallet.


All you have to do is connect your wallet to https://quantumx.network and click on the QuanumX Rewards option on the menu.

On the Staking page you can now click "STAKE" and sign the transaction when prompted.

On the same page you can check and claim your rewards, or unstake your SFTs if you wish.

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