How to become a creator

To create a pool or farm on QuantumX, the user needs to become a Creator by paying the relevant fee. The fee is paid by the user by signing a transaction on QuantumX Network. Once the transaction is signed, the Creator mode will be enabled, and the user will have access to the Pool and Farms Creating dashboard. The Creator will be able to create ONE single asset or LP farm, but there is always the option of creating a second or third farm by paying an additional fee.

To adapt to the new economical model and make it easier for creators to create a farm, a new pricing model has been introduced. This model requires 1 eGLD for new Creators plus a 0.5 eGLD for every new farm created. To ensure sustainability, QuantumX will receive a 10% fee from the rewards the creator deposits in the farm/pool. Creators have options for different fee structures: a 5% fee with a payment of 5 eGLD per Farm/Pool or a 0% fee with a payment of 10 eGLD per Farm/Pool. Creators can contact us to discuss these options further.

For the farm to be created, the user will have to fill in important information on a form, that will be available on the dashboard. The information that will need to be filled in is:

• Token to be staked

• Token to be earned

• Unbonding period – the minimum number of days that the users will be requested to stake their tokens for. Unstaking during the unbonding period is either forbidden (if Unbonding fees are 0%) or results in penalty charge of the funds withdrawal (if Unbonding fees are greater than 0%)

• Harvesting fees – fees percentage that is paid to the Creator when rewards are harvested

• Unbonding fees – fees percentage that is paid to the Creator if users choose to unstake while in Unbonding period.

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