Adding rewards

After the form is filled in, the Creator will need to add the rewards that they wish to share during the Harvesting Cycle. The creator will have full control over the pools and farms and will be able to add the rewards manually. If needed, the Creator will be able to top up the rewards bank, but those newly added rewards will only start to be shared after the initial rewards bank is empty. For example, when the Creator deposits rewards, the duration of this deposit (amount of days that these rewards refer to) has to be set. This is extremely important as it will define the amount of rewards that will be shared every day of the Staking period. Hence, if the total rewards to be shared is 10 eGLD and the the duration of the deposit is 10 days, then every day the rewards to be shared will be 1 eGLD.

The users that stake their tokens, will be eligible for rewards after one whole epoch has been completed, starting from the time that they staked their tokens. The epochs change according to MultiversX’s cycle. So, if for example the epoch changes at 6am UTC and tokens are staked at on 1.1.2023 at 7am UTC, then those will be eligible for rewards on 3.1.2023 at 6am UTC. If tokens are staked at 5am on 1.1.2023 then those will be eligible for rewards at 6am UTC on 2.1.2023. The users will be able to harvest the rewards that were earned up until the previous day as the current day's rewards will have not been credited yet. *Percentage of the Rewards will go to QuantumX Team as for the monthly expenses of the dapp. (Servers , API , etc)

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