🚜 Farms/Pools

The Farms/Pools Interface is a staking platform where users can earn rewards by staking their favorite token or liquidity. The interface is created and managed by QuantumX Team, but the staking pools/farms are created by project creators who own tokens or NFTs. QuantumX Team has no control over the rewards or the functionality of the individual pools/farms.

Project creators are responsible for creating and depositing rewards for a specific timeframe, as well as setting unbonding days and fees for using the service. Users can view the APR, their staked amount in $ value, and their earned rewards on the main interface. They can also see their early unbonding fees and the number of days until they can unstake without a fee.

If there are any issues with rewards, users should contact the project creators who created the farm and not QuantumX Network. Some farms give away more than one token at the same time and work the same way as any other pool/farm.

Users should be aware of the impermanent loss when staking LP tokens and should do their research on the project they are staking with. QuantumX is not responsible for any value changes in other team's tokens.

Users' funds will be safe as long as they are staked in the Dapp, and QuantumX's pools/farms are audited by BHERO Team, sponsored by Super Rare Bears team.

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